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PSL Abacus - A Math Program
Mission of PSL Abacus - A Math program
PSL Abacus Math program has been designed to bring about conceptual learning of simple mathematical facts in a play way. The PSL Abacus is an excellent substitute for rote memorisation of math facts, which is a detestable task for your young child. The worksheets given with this program are used to reinforce the concepts already learned during the program.

The PSL Abacus is very useful to teach your child - counting, addition and subtraction. It uses objects (beads) for counting, adding and subtracting, making it easier for the child to understand.
Please play a lot of games with the child using the PSL Abacus. You can even use flash cards. Please go through the associated worksheets before beginning to play with the child. This will give you an idea about the kind of examples that can be taught to your child using the PSL Abacus.

Prolonged use of the PSL Abacus will help your child construct Images in the mind, to perform calculations mentally. Research has proved all over the world that "the root of mathematical study is the creation of mental pictures (images) in the brain and manipulating those images and relationship using the power of reason and logic".

A PSL Abacus consists of a series of rods fixed to a base and a collection of beads of different colors. (Note - this is not an original Abacus but keeping in mind the child's age it has been simplified).

The Program
This program is meant for children for the age group of 4 - 6 years. Here we will be helping the child understand concepts of:
· Place Value in Number System
· Addition
· Subtraction

The PSL Abacus A Math Program Kit consists of:
· PSL Abacus with Beads
· Parent Guide
· Worksheets
· Flash Cards
· Registration Card

How is the PSL Abacus different from a traditional Abacus?
There are various abacuses. Many people are familiar with the Japanese and Chinese abacuses, which have beads both above and below a rod. They are actually manual calculators, not designed to teach number concepts. The PSL Abacus is designed to teach your child - counting, place-value, addition and subtraction. It is observed that children eventually start calculating mentally rather than depending on the tools like PSL Abacus.