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The love for books is the most valuable gift you as a parent can give to your child. The library is one of the most wonderful places you can encourage your child to go to.

To make the experience of going to the library delightful and gratifying :-

· Take your child even if he is a toddler to the library as often as you can. Help your child pick up board books for himself and it is of great importance that you read to the child the books, which you have got from the library. This will help your child understand that the library is not just a storehouse of books. Library habits, like good eating habits, must be instilled when a person is very small.

· It is also very important to explain to your child about the discipline that needs to be maintained in the library. Your need to tell your child that the library is a quite place where sounds can reflect out loudly and they should be as quite as possible. They also need to be explained that they are not the only people there to get books. There are people who come to the library to study, relax, and read and to do research. The visits to the library will teach your child to be more considerate to others. The children also experience a serene atmosphere.

· Help your child get a library card - It is always a very proud moment in any child's life to get his own library card. It is the first card, which your child gets. You can teach your child the value of the library card and how the card will help the child all through his life.

· Encourage borrowings of recordings of children's stories and songs, cassette tapes, compact discs and videotapes which are available in some libraries

· As your child grows older encourage him to use the library to find information for his homework. Give your child a ride if he needs it, but resist the temptation to take over an assignment. Let your child be responsible for researching and writing reports.

· If your child finds difficulty in looking for books and materials encourage him to ask the librarian for help. You can also work with the librarian to teach older children how to find things in the library on their own.

· Build up your personal library by getting books at sales. This will instill in your child the love of books and will also encourage your child to be responsible for his books.

These are just a few suggestions, which may help to instill the love of the library in your child. At the same time it is important to note that the children learn by example so you as a parent are your child's best example.

By helping the child to learn the love for the library you will give your child an educational head start. Don't let your child become an adult who has never willingly stepped foot into a library and doesn't know where to find what. If you introduce your child to the library from a young age, he will go to the library willingly and eagerly for the rest of his life.
With grooming your child to use a library at a young age you will teach him to use the library successfully from a kid in school to doing a research paper in college.

Teaching Your Child To Use The Library